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MBA or Startup: What's best to change your career?

I found myself in the situation of feeling totally lost with I was doing as job and with my future career.

Since I started working in the Corporate Finance field, I always knew in my heart that I couldn't have exceeded in a job like that one.

I was made for a more creative role, for a more commercial role, for a much funnier one! :-) 

After 6 years in the same field though, how to change direction? I thought about it a lot, sent millions of CV and never got any positions outside of the Finance world.

I wanted a big change and MBA focusing on marketing could have been the solution. 

I started studying that awful GMAT, I even took the exam (with scarce results) and I talked with a lot of my friends who took an MBA before me and what they did after. 

The results were very positive on the side of networking, making new friends, even getting married apparently!

However, on the side of a real career move and change, none of the people I met really made a big jump in their career nor in terms of positions nor in terms of salary.

Most of all, they are still repaying the debt they have with their respective schools. 

Was it really worth all the money spent?

I thought that investing that same amount of money I would have spent in an MBA, into my own idea and business, would have been worth more. And I think I was right. 

Working in a startup gives you 10 times more exposure to making business  for real than studying theories. The difficulties you have to overcome every single day are impossible to predict when you study. None can understand what it means to be an entrepreneur until you really do it.

There is NO THEORY when it comes to do business. You just have to DO IT! So don't lose much time studying! 

And you know what?

Starting your own business means that you are able to understand much better who's on the other side, who gives you a job and pays you.

I do not exclude that I'll go back to work as an employee one day. Well, my perspectives will be totally different than before. 

What about doing both: MBA and then starting your own business with some of the people you met during the MBA? For sure possibile, you just lose more time and money.

I'd suggest to go straight into the second option, where the real fun starts!  

Enjoy the ride!

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