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How to select the right Digital Influencers for your brand

First of all: please set up your expectations and what you want to achieve by using digital influencers as one of your marketing / communication channels.

Second of all: approach & results change radically from one social media channel to another.

Third of all: differences can be huge according to the average reach of the influencers. Working with small/medium influencers is radically different than working with big ones. 

Considering small/medium reach influencers (average 50-100 k followers on Instagram for example), I would not try to get further than "Brand Awareness" in the consumer decision journey. Some of the digital influencers can for sure generate sales conversions but it's really hard to measure unless you provide them with a unique sales link and pay them according to just that.

And by the way I bet it will be difficult to find anybody accepting to be paid just according to the sales they generate. 

Coming to the criteria I personally use when selecting digital influencers that collaborate with branded projects I have with our Pinktrotters clients, I always look into these factors:

1) I rarely select those who never did different jobs rather than just being influencers/bloggers - unfortunately they have difficulties in understanding who is on the other side 

2)  I rarely select those who do not consider to be invited to events / trips / get product gifts in exchange for social media coverage without being paid for that. There is a very wise sentence saying:

"FREE is your best marketing strategy" 

If you give something for free at the beginning, there will be high chances you will be selected for consequent paid jobs. 

3) Professionalism comes when they respect exactly what you requested: Type of picture, description of the product, right mentions and hashtags, not one less, not one more. 

4) Paying per number of twit or posts could be easy to check once the job has been completed. However, I always suggest to pay per project, giving a minimum of posts required. If an influencer is doing what required + 1% more, he/she is a person to engage again. 

5) The proportion of average likes over number of followers have to be of around 0,25%, if it's lower, there are some fake followers in there! :-) For example if you have 50 k followers, the average number of likes your pictures should have is around 1.250 per picture and at least 30 comments. 

6) Number of comments are another element of engagement. If you have 1000 likes and 0 comments... there are some fake likes in there! :-) 


If you need support in selecting the right influencers for your brand, I will be happy to help and give my advice.

Please get in contact with me here.

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