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Fairy Godmother was right: "Be Nice & Brave" is the best management advice ever!

Recently I heard again the Cinderella Fairy Godmother saying the words "Be Nice & Brave and everything will be fine" and I immediately thought how this message is smart and wise.

As child you do not usually weight words too much;

It took me 30 years to hear again these words and give a real sense to them!

1) "TO BE NICE" is a lifestyle. I experienced on myself that all the times I was not 100% nice with someone, it turned out as a negative experience, and not the person I wasn't nice to, but to myself only.

If you are always nice, even if your rights are not respected, even if on the other side you have wrong people, even if they are treating you badly and unfairly, you will always be remembered as the nice one, the respectful, the good. And I believe this attitude pays off long term. 

Sometimes we are not nice with someone just because of our prejudices. We cannot know what these people can bring to our lives.

Anybody can be beneficial and we have to be smart enough to leave every door open, with our nice attitude. 

2) "TO BE BRAVE" is the translation of my favourite motto "If you do not try you do not get". Stepping out of our comfort zone can reveal our inner fears but also potentials. 

We are not brave because we are afraid of failing. 

Failure is a bless! 

Imagine that In the United States a lot of startups are more attractive to investors if within their co-founders there is someone who already experienced a failure, as hopefully he/she learned a lot from it and won't make the same mistakes again and actually will help the current startup not repeating them.

Unfortunately in Europe and even more in Southern European countries, to fail is hardly accepted by society and unfairly condemned.

My advice is not to have any fear to be wrong or to fail. Among 1000 "nos" there will be a "yes" for sure! 

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