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3 Key Concepts to be Applied in Every Single Difficult Circumstance

Problems come to us daily. We need to get ready to face and overcome them.

There are 3 concepts that I understood can really change the way to approach problems and problematic people. Since I proved their importance, I try to apply them every time I face a new difficult situation.

Think about them. Think about how they can "lighten" those heavy feelings inside you.


You probably already heard about this "let it go" concept. It is so hard to apply and at the same time it is so f***ing useful.

Forcing ourselves to just "don't care" about something and to not insist on what hurts us, it is the true key. The solution is to accept and move on.

Moving on to the next big thing that really deserves our energy.


Most of the times there is no answer to all your "Why?". Most of the times you look for answers that don't exist and again you loose and sacrifice energies that can be dedicated to something else.

Life is not made of questions and answers. Life is made of things that happen and that's it. We need to be ready to think of "what's next" without focusing on why just happened to us and why we are so unlucky and "why us?" and not other people...


I already talked about how important is to keep good "flat" relationships with every single person we meet, even with the plumber (especially with the plumber, actually :-)). The reason might seem obvious but it is not, because we face lots of conflicts, most of the times for stupid reasons, and we risk to ruin relationships, often.

These conflicts can really damage our inner way of feeling, but most of all can ruin future possibilities we currently don't see. We don't see them because we don't know enough of the person in front of us and we take everything for granted. Unfortunately life can surprise us with good or bad news and having good relationships with people is the true way how to be successful in life, cause you will always have a hand for you, in any circumstance you will face. People are those who make the difference, always. Have good people around you, grow and nurture your best contacts, be nice to them!

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