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12 Great Crowdfunding Campaign Tips!

Here I list some tips that were useful for our crowdfunding campaign before launching it. I personally didn't follow them all and didn't succeed, so you might instead follow them :-) 


1 Internalise Tim Ferris Crowdfunding tips who militantly raised 100K in 4 days 

2 Sell with Emotion, Justify with Logic appeal to both sides of the brain! http:// 

3 Zero budget marketing ideas 

4 Feature the donators name - one of the top ways to make people excited is giving them status or lasting fame in return. Eg on the credits of a behind the scenes doc or on a poster with complimenting art

5 Be credible - if you can get any advocates who are well known and respected in that field - have a short interview with them on the video 

6 Speak to people who have done it before. Check any campaigns similar to your industry and send them a friendly email or follow people who followed/donated to their cause. 

7 Be inventive or unusual. Think what is your end goal and work backwards. Make your story unmissable 

8 Create new content every week of the campaign. Eg videos, artwork, music, meetup, wrap party, competitions keep the energy high. 

9 Make it look finished even if it isn't yet & build the biggest team you can before take off 

10 Preload your campaign with at least 30% friends and family funds as its a psychological tipping point of confidence from the wider audience 

11 Prepare at least 4 months upfront in all details and be ready to work hard during the whole duration of the campaign 

12 Contact press & PR contacts upfront getting them ready to write about your campaign on day 1.


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