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10 Tools to Help your Crowdfunding Campaign Succeed!

Hello Folks!

Ready to start your crowdfunding campaign? 

Here some fundamental tools you should know before starting your crowdfunding campaign, so you can plan some budget upfront in order to cover their costs (if needed).

I would not use them all, I would select them according to your goals & campaign timing. 

1) Green Inbox: it allows you to send 1-2-1 emails to your entire Linkedin, Facebook, whatever email list you might have, including the name of the addressee

2) Get Me Crowdfunded: Dedicated distribution press & social media boost in addition to the creation of a press release

3) My Gigs: Social Media Boost 

4) Backer Club: To be used only when the campaign is already at a good stage of success. Distribution list to a group of super backers to give a final boost to your campaign, recognising them a special prize

5) Krowdster: Distribution Kickstarter Press 

6) Social Influencer Group: Write posts about your campaign inside a long list of right Facebook Groups

7) Crowdfunding Ninjas: a list of 300 tech journalists and bloggers who might write about your campaign 

8) Finding Successful: a list of services to boost your campaign, including blogging about your product launch 

9) PressKing: choose your press list and send them direct messages country by country 

10) Backercamp: a full service boutique approach to help you succeed in your campaign 


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