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10 Excuses Not To Do What You Like & How To Overcome Them.

"I wait for the best moment to start" 

There is no best moment to start. The time is NOW. It's the present. Later could be too late. Just do it, be a maker, not a thinker. 

"What if I fail?"

Everybody is scared about failure but everybody fails, even the biggest entrepreneurs & most successful people. Each of us has lived one of more failures in life. Failures help walking into the right path. 

"I do not have time to start" 

If you do not have time to follow your own passions and to pursue your own dreams and happiness, it means they are not so strong and valuable for you to dedicate time to them. You get the answer yourself. 

"Who can help me?"

People (me for example) who already did it, can help. You can reach out to them, listening and learning from their experiences, reading about their stories, talking to them, getting their advices. 

"I need I lot of money"

It's not always true. It depends what you want to do and how fast you want to start your own business. There are many ways how you can get funded. Crowdfunding can be very useful nowadays (but the truth is that majority of crowdfunding campaign who get funded, have lots of investment behind - both time & money-wise). Family & friends can help too! 

"I would not know where to start from" 

There are many advices you can get from who did it before you (me, for example) who can set you up a very structured and defined way how to proceed step & step. There is no universal rule behind it, I have to admit it. Every story is different & personal, but there are definitely some valuable advices not to do do again the mistakes these experienced already incurred into. 

"I think it's too late by now"

It's never too late. It's not late if you think you are not young anymore. It's not late if someone else just launched exactly the same idea you wanted to launch. 

Age is not a limit, it will never be. Same as competitors. The market is big and there is space for everybody to express themselves. 

"I do not have everything I need to start"

Nobody started with a full list of resources in their hands: team, money, time, competences, products etc... They come with hard work, full time dedication, and also some luck. However, if you wait for having the best set of resources in your hands, it will probably make you wasting time and loose che chance to start before others, which can give you some advantages. 

"They say I'm crazy" 

All big innovators and disruptive people were considered crazy at the beginning of their careers. Many big companies had to get a lot of "no" before getting the right "yeses". Nothing comes easy. Just stay focused and believe in your own craziness. 

Do you agree with me? 

Please comment & ask me directly if you feel, I'll be happy to help and support for what I can.


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