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10 Digital Tools That Simplify Your Life In Business

Hello readers!

Here my personal list of favourite digital tools that every single day simplify & improve my office life in Pinktrotters! I hope they will be useful to you as well. 

1) SmallPdf - couldn't live without. Amazing FREE PDF software that allows to transform pdf files (and not only those!) into any other possible formats. Very important for me to reduce the size of my heavy presentations! 

2) Asana - Your team’s work and conversations are centralized and searchable in Asana. You avoid sending too many emails, can collect files in conversations visible to the whole team, have a pretty good overview of who's working at what and the deadlines for each project and task assigned. Not very user friendly at the beginning, but don't give up, it gets better and better!

3) Slack - A mix between WhatsApp and Asana. You can create conversations based on work themes. It's very user friendly to use and can use # to identify keywords within the conversation you take with your team. You can exchange files as well & attach pics from your mobile app. Also laptop version is cool. 

4) KeyNote - This is pretty obvious, I know, but since I started using KeyNote...Power Point is a prehistoric tool :-) 

5) GreenInbox - It allows you to send a personalised email to a huge list of friend emails. It can be useful when launching a campaign and need personal support from your friends but at the same time don't want to waste too much time sending them 1-2-1. It's not for free but the cost is very affordable. 

6) BufferApp - Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day in order that your followers and fans see your updates more often. Probably a bit more user-friendly than Hootsuite here below. Very good for Twitter scheduling. 

7) Hootsuite - You can connect at the same time more than 35 social media and have a total overview on them. You can schedule your posts in advance and review your social media analytics. I've been using it ever since! 

8) Zopim - Live chat to engage your customers. Easy chat widget to add to your website to easily give support to your customers browsing the web with immediate questions. Free with just one user linked to the account. 

9) LeadFeeder - Overview of which B2B businesses are navigating your website. It gives you overview of which pages they navigated, for how long and gives access to your closest Linkedin profiles you can approach within that company. 

10) TeamUp - Shared calendar for groups. Schedule your meeting with a clear overview of your team's calendars and availabilities. It makes it easy for group leaders to manage group activities on one master calendar and provide group members as many views and tailored access as needed.   No user account is required.  A Web link is all that is needed to access a calendar.

What are yours? Can you add some good ones to this list?

Thanks, Ciao! 

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